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We work with many different suppliers and organisations, so we can offer totally independent, unbiased and value-for-money professional advice for all computing related purchases.

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About Izzytea

Izzytea originated over twenty years ago and has grown into a major contributor of educational technology services. We know how important it is to stay ahead and provide a high quality, state-of-the-art and professional service in what is now a very competitive market place. We are fully proficient in all aspects of computing support and training combined with leading edge innovative practice.

Our priority is to devote ourselves to providing the continuity and assurance of a streamlined value-added experience in line with your high expectations. This is achieved by attention to detail, a positive attitude from a highly motivated team and working the required hours with an integrity that has earned Izzytea its premium service reputation.

In an ideal world, with no budget constraints, I would like a 5 day a week service from Izzytea. This would include both repair, maintenance AND teaching commitments. I feel, the staff would be excellent in assisting teachers with the teaching of the computing curriculum.”

– DR, Headteacher

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Call: 020 8543 7437

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